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Real estate agency URBAN CONSTRUCTION is working on the real estate market Turkey. Our office of 600 square meters is located on the coast in Oba, which is the largest and most prestigious district of Alanya. largest and most prestigious district of Alanya. Location is so convenient that you can Quickly and easily find us. We provide quality services for buying and Sale of immovable objects. Constantly improving service and attract new clients.

What makes us different?

Full support

We provide full support at all stages of the buying, from meeting the client at the airport till receiving documents property as well as with further delivery of the purchased apartments for rent. Our managers and lawyers will help you in any situation and always find a solution to any problems.

Time saving

The real estate market in Turkey is very broad and has its own features and nuances. A lot of time required to understand them. Our experts are always aware of the most interesting and relevant proposals, and so referring to us, the question of choosing the best option will take you a minimum time.

Legal protection

URBAN CONSTRUCTION represented by our team of lawyers are fully responsible for legal purchased housing, and can guarantee full transparency and openness in each transaction carried out in our company. Each apartment before sale passes Legal Checks , so our clients are always completely safe.

Post sales service

We stay with you forever, even when the transaction is completed. Our managers and staff will always help and accompany you to any state institutions. If you need to arrange children to school, arrange a residence permit or reissue water meters and electricity, we are always ready to help you.

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